"I am beginning to learn that it is the simple, sweet things of life that are the real ones after all." 

Just one little picture of a sweet moment in my journey as a parent. This is a photo of my children when they were 7, 4 and 2 years old. They were picking sweet corn on our farm.

Treasured, simple and real moments like 
this are truly the sweetest.

- Laura Ingalls Wilder

Each day I see families create treasured, simple and sweet moments.

Although daily experiences may seem routine, these come together to create meaningful, unique stories that unfold with awe and wonder. I feel honored to have been able to listen to hundreds of unique stories over the past 30 years. In my work as an OT, I hold every family I have walked alongside of in my heart.

Being a parent to infants and toddlers is full of bittersweet moments in seeing them grow more independent, watching them struggle, but learn during challenges and relishing the joy of observing others interacting with them. When your child has a delay or disability there are other elements and moments that are interwoven into a family's journey, as well, and deserve acknowledgement and support. Each family already has the inner resources they need to guide their children. As an OT working in early intervention, I coach and assist families in developing plans to achieve their goals for their child by tapping into their own strengths as parents, their child's strengths and interests and exploring resources in the community.

Over the past 30 years, I have come to recognize how relationships between children and their parents, family and community provide the foundation for all ongoing health and development. 

Knowing how important relationships are, I seek to engage with families in creative ways that are as unique as each individual family. I use evidence-based practices to support the child in reaching their goals, focus on the quality of their relationships, improve developmental skills and promote self-advocacy in getting their needs me.

I believe as a woman I was created in a way that makes me receptive to bringing love into my life. I'm able to say "yes" to God in the ways He would like me to support, nurture and encourage others with that same love. This makes the world slow down to a gentler pace where relationships are the foundation.

That is getting deep, right? Truly, I feel blessed that God has led me to a profession that has allowed me to use my fascination with the science of learning, the science of brain and child development, and my passion for the beauty of families.

I was born in NE Colorado, but moved quite a bit over my childhood as my step-father was in the Navy (including a few years on Midway Island!) My mom's family is from NE Colorado and this is where we eventually settled. My husband (of just over 30 years) and I live on a small irrigated farm where we grow corn, hay and raise cattle. We also grow asparagus and other produce to take to the local farmer's market. We have a little flock of chickens, too. Our three children are in their twenties - pursuing their educations, interestingly enough all in science careers in ways that can serve others.

I enjoy gardening, scrapbooking, sewing, baking, reading, journaling, working on the farm and just trying to find little snippets of quiet time just to soak in the goodness all around me. I can't wait to learn more about you!

Relationships are the Foundation

a happy memory:
my children's artwork


a little more about me

With 30+ years of experience, I recognize that positive relationships between parents and their children,  as well as their family and community, provide the foundation for all ongoing health and development. And I am honored to be part of your family's journey.

I'm a Colorado-based Early Intervention Occupational Therapist


Lindenwood University - St. Charles, MO

Colorado State University - Fort Collins, CO

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it all started with my camera.

about us

I specialize in:

Developmental intervention
feeding challenges
sensory integration
vision impairment
infant-toddler trauma & mental health
language development intervention
State Eligibility Evaluations
Assistive Technology Consultation
Motor Delays

Completion of Master's Degree | 2017-2020

Touchpoints Training & Reflective Supervision | 2020

Colorado Foundations of Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health for Early Childhood Professionals and Partners (Colorado Foundations - 8 Modules) | 2019

EI Colorado Global Outcomes Training | 2017

EI Colorado Telehealth Training | 2017

AOTA OT Services for Children Birth to Three   |   2017

CDE Interoception the 8th Sensory System   |   2017

Pediatrics: Motor Development Ages 0-3   |   2017

Self-Regulation - Autism, ADHD, SI   |   2016

CDE Transdisciplinary Play Based Assessment Part 1 & 2   |   2014

The SOS (Sequential Oral Sensory) Approach to Feeding   |   2010

Professional HIGHLIGHTS

Colorado DORA & NBCOT


kind words

"We are forever grateful to have her on our team!”

- parents of child in Early intervention Services

“Michelle is a true God sent. When we first met her we were new parents to a special needs baby. We were lost and oftentimes felt hopeless. But then we would spend an hour with Michelle and at the end, we knew we would get through it and that she was going to help our son reach his fullest potential. There isn’t a moment that I doubt she is going above and beyond for my son as well as our family. We have only known Michelle for 18 months but it feels like we have for a lifetime! We are forever grateful to have her on our team!”

"I am so thankful for Michelle"

- mother of 2 children in Early intervention Services

“I am so thankful for Michelle for her unlimited care and support to both my daughter and my son in improving their communication skills. Thanks to Michelle for the guidance and hints that were very helpful to reach good results in early intervention that was effective in communicating with the kids.”

"I was completely blown away.”

- parents of child in Early intervention Services

“As a parent, going through any kind of learning intervention with your child can be an anxious journey to step into. However, upon first meeting Michelle, I was completely blown away. First time meeting our son she let him take the lead and after each and every interaction created an individual plan to meet his needs. Both my husband and I are both extremely pleased with our speech journey and are so happy Michelle was a part of this with us each and every step.”

"My grandson loves it when she comes...”

- grandparent of child in Early intervention Services

“Michelle is so fun to work with. She is so knowledgeable and genuinely enjoys engaging with us. My grandson loves it when she comes and anticipates doing activities with her. He has made huge progress and often initiates things she has introduced to him weeks later. Michelle’s suggestions and insights are very child and family friendly. Strategies she suggests use materials from his environment and interests that are easily obtained or already on hand. Finally, I have really appreciated her suggestions and the extra effort she puts into finding resources to questions or concerns I have had.”

- Mother of twins that participated in an evaluation

“My twin boys (2 y.o) may be identical but they are also very different. To help them reach their milestones I reached out to my doctor and sought out a referral for a speech therapy consult. I was feeling discouraged as the appointment arrived thinking all the ways I could have better aided my sons with their development myself to avoid intervention. Although it was a virtual assessment Michelle made me feel as if she was in the room with us. She was positive and uplifting, with words of encouragement and advice. She helped me to understand exactly where my children were as far as development and was supportive and encouraging when she saw what they excel at. The love for her job is evident and I’m grateful for the time we shared. She made me feel like I made the right choice in getting my sons assistance to further their growth. Thank you, Michelle, for such a positive evaluation experience.”

"I’m grateful for the time we shared.”


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