Meeting you on your journey,
wherever you are.

I whole-heartedly believe that parents are the experts on their own children and that children learn best from their parents, family and trusted-caregivers. Which is why it's my mission to meet you where you're at and partner with you in supporting your child and their individual needs.

I care about your family's unique journey.

Hello! I'm Michelle Kaiser, M.A., OTR

Everyone has questions when starting something new so I wanted to provide information to help you prepare for your child's evaluation, so you and your family can get the most out of our time together.

Your child has been
scheduled for an evaluation... Here's what to expect:

what to expect

What is Early Intervention?

In this video, Pediatrician Dr. Deborah Archer speaks about why she refers children to Early Intervention and how helpful it can be for families.


Your Child's Early Intervention Therapy Sessions

kind words

"We are forever grateful to have her on our team!”

- parents of child in Early intervention Services

“Michelle is a true God sent. When we first met her we were new parents to a special needs baby. We were lost and oftentimes felt hopeless. But then we would spend an hour with Michelle and at the end, we knew we would get through it and that she was going to help our son reach his fullest potential. There isn’t a moment that I doubt she is going above and beyond for my son as well as our family. We have only known Michelle for 18 months but it feels like we have for a lifetime! We are forever grateful to have her on our team!”

"I am so thankful for Michelle"

- mother of 2 children in Early intervention Services

“I am so thankful for Michelle for her unlimited care and support to both my daughter and my son in improving their communication skills. Thanks to Michelle for the guidance and hints that were very helpful to reach good results in early intervention that was effective in communicating with the kids.”

"I was completely blown away.”

- parents of child in Early intervention Services

“As a parent, going through any kind of learning intervention with your child can be an anxious journey to step into. However, upon first meeting Michelle, I was completely blown away. First time meeting our son she let him take the lead and after each and every interaction created an individual plan to meet his needs. Both my husband and I are both extremely pleased with our speech journey and are so happy Michelle was a part of this with us each and every step.”

"My grandson loves it when she comes...”

- grandparent of child in Early intervention Services

“Michelle is so fun to work with. She is so knowledgeable and genuinely enjoys engaging with us. My grandson loves it when she comes and anticipates doing activities with her. He has made huge progress and often initiates things she has introduced to him weeks later. Michelle’s suggestions and insights are very child and family friendly. Strategies she suggests use materials from his environment and interests that are easily obtained or already on hand. Finally, I have really appreciated her suggestions and the extra effort she puts into finding resources to questions or concerns I have had.”

- Mother of twins that participated in an evaluation

“My twin boys (2 y.o) may be identical but they are also very different. To help them reach their milestones I reached out to my doctor and sought out a referral for a speech therapy consult. I was feeling discouraged as the appointment arrived thinking all the ways I could have better aided my sons with their development myself to avoid intervention. Although it was a virtual assessment Michelle made me feel as if she was in the room with us. She was positive and uplifting, with words of encouragement and advice. She helped me to understand exactly where my children were as far as development and was supportive and encouraging when she saw what they excel at. The love for her job is evident and I’m grateful for the time we shared. She made me feel like I made the right choice in getting my sons assistance to further their growth. Thank you, Michelle, for such a positive evaluation experience.”

"I’m grateful for the time we shared.”


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